Greed is Evil!, Credit is a Human Right, The Best of People are Those Who are Most Beneficent to Others, We DO NOT rent money and we do not do business with socially irresponsible activities (e.g. Liquor Stores, unfair businesses, pornography, polluters and the like.)  For More Details Click Here


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VALUES OF THE RIBA/RIBBIT (Islamic) Banking System

1. Our goal is to offer an alternative banking and finance service and not to discredit and/or dismantle the existing conventional system.

2. We believe in putting our money where our mouth is.

3. Our commitment is to develop the trust between community members and to start with what is possible in order to achieve what may be impossible; as we learn from the example of all our beloved prophets including Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.

4. Our Goal is NOT to change the laws of the land. Our goal is to adhere and uphold these laws but without violating the laws of our faith. Please remember that the most overriding GOAL of edicts is to bring what is beneficial and useful to the community and to drive away any harm.

5. Our motto is “we do not rent money; we invest in our customers.”

6. Our philosophy and our disciplined training programs as well as our operating policies reflect our belief that our primary job is NOT to dig a deeper hole of debt in customers’ life but rather to find ways and means to minimize and optimize their obligations that are used to finance rewarding investments and businesses and help our customers get out of it as soon as possible.

7. We look at our customers as true members of our families. We practice the concept of “Tarahum” (meaning merciful caring in the practices of Islam.)

8. Our Challenge is NOT to take existing conventional Riba-based products and services and then dress such products and services to make them look Riba-Free (Islamic.) In fact doing so may bring unforgiving harm to all of us in the industry as well as the community and will destroy the work that many of us have spent their life to develop.

9. Our approach is to conduct our business according to the edicts of our faith (Jurisprudence) then dress it up to fit the laws of the land.

10. Our job is not to live lavishly because the money and assets we manage are in fact the trust of our customers in our hands. These assets are trusts (Amana) hanging from our necks before God - Allah. So, we refuse to travel first class or spend and live a luxurious life-style and squander our customers’ and shareholders money on expensive advertising campaigns. We believe that money respects those who respect it. We grow by word-of-mouth referral from satisfied customers.