The United States regulatory and securities laws prohibit companies and financial institutions from soliciting and raising funds from the public without proper registration with the US proper authorities. In some cases, unsolicited investments from non-US residents may be accepted with proper disclosures and a non-solicitation letter from the investor.

Accredited institutions and sophisticated investors who understand the risks involved and who own significant assets and derive significant income can invest directly.

Please understand that a finance company IS NOT a bank depository institution. Federal Depository Insurance Corp. (FDIC) does not insure your investments and deposits. You may be exposed to losing all your investments. Ask for a detailed prospectus and read it carefully.

For direct investment or participating in an Islamic LARIBA institution, please call the institution of your choice and ask the manager in charge.

Before you invest directly, please ask the following questions. These questions are by no means all the questions that need to be asked. They are for guidance and better understanding of the risks involved.

    1. What are the risks involved when investing in your company?

    2. What is the expected return on my investment?

    3. What class of investment am I investing in? Shareholder? Alternatively, short-term/medium-term or long-term investment? On the other hand, is it a loan from the investor/lender to the finance company?

    4. Is my original capital guaranteed by the shareholders?

    5. How easy is it to get back my money if I need to liquidate my investment/loaned money? How long does it take to do so?

Please investigate carefully and consult with your financial adviser, lawyer and CPA. Please do not invest more than 5 to 10% of your total net worth in a newly formed institution with less than 1-year record of accomplishment